March 28, 2023

Colleges & Universities in the Halifax-Dartmouth Area

The Halifax-Dartmouth area is home to several prestigious colleges and universities. Are you or someone in your household thinking about pursuing further education in Nova Scotia? From the liberal arts and sciences to engineering and business, keep on reading to learn more about the wide variety of educational options around The Campden.


1.    Dalhousie University

Located in the heart of Halifax, Dalhousie University is a research-intensive university known for its strong programs in health sciences, law, and engineering. It has a diverse student population and offers over 200 undergraduate and graduate programs. Dalhousie is also a member of the U15 group of Canada’s leading research universities.


2.    Saint Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s University, located in Halifax, is a public research university that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, science, arts, and social sciences. It’s known for its entrepreneurship and business programs and is home to the Sobey School of Business, which has been consistently ranked among the top business schools in Canada.


3.    Mount Saint Vincent University

Mount Saint Vincent University, located in Halifax, is primarily an undergraduate university offering degrees in arts, science, education, and business. It’s recognized for its small class sizes and personalized approach to education. Mount Saint Vincent University is also home to the Atlantic Centre for Research in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education.


4.    Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, located in Halifax, is a specialized university that focuses on art, design, and media studies. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in fine arts, design, and media arts. NSCAD University is known for its strong faculty, which includes many internationally recognized artists and designers.


5.    University of King’s College

University of King’s College, located in Halifax, is a liberal arts university that offers undergraduate degrees in humanities, journalism, and music. It has a unique interdisciplinary approach to education and a strong focus on critical thinking and writing skills. University of King’s College is also home to the renowned School of Journalism.

6.    Nova Scotia Community College

Nova Scotia Community College, located in Dartmouth, is a public college that offers certificate, diploma, and degree programs in business, engineering technology, health and human services, information technology, and creative industries. NSCC’s programs are designed to meet the needs of the local community and prepare students for the workforce.


All throughout the city, there’s a diverse range of colleges and universities that cater to various interests and career paths. With strong academic programs and a supportive learning environment, students can expect a high-quality education and a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth.


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